TF Value-Mart now in Tangkak

TF Value-Mart (a hypermarket that targets secondary and tertiary towns) just opened their 24th outlet in Malaysia. It is located at new development area named Payamas Business Center Tangkak.

Mr. Ho Mun Hao, the Chief Executive Officer of TF Value-Mart Sdn. Bhd. indicated that their hypermarket chains have been thriving and evolving over the past 60 years. Currently, there are two branches situated in Johor which is located at Muar and Tangkak. At the same time, TF value-Mart plans to open a new branch in Segamat, Johor in the near future. The reason why TF Value-Mart chose to open a branch in Tangkak is because of great development prospects, combined with the huge population and lesser competition.

He mentioned that the main reason why TF Value-Mart targets secondary and tertiary towns is because there are too many convenience stores and large supermarkets in urban areas. TF Value-Mart wants to bring the convenience and variety of urban grocery shopping to the people living in small towns.

TF Value-Mart is a one-stop shopping centre, providing great products with affordable prices so you can do your grocery shopping without worries. In order to provide fresh produce to the customer, they source fresh vegetables and fruits from local farmers, reduce their shipping costs and supporting the local economy.

Membership benefits

Currently, TF Value-Mart has more than five hundred thousand registered members using the TF Value Card daily. TF Value-Mart advocates the membership card to their customers for exclusive promotions and exciting rewards. Additionally, they will continue to look for different collaboration partners to have more diversified products in the future.

Source: Sin Chew Press 29th November 2017