Neoflam Smart Life Smart Seal

TF Value-Mart presents to you the latest Air Tight Containers collections from Korea! Exclusively at TF Value-Mart from 15th November 2018 until 6th March 2019 are the Neoflam Smart Life Smart Seal’s Air Tight Containers which you don’t want to miss out!

Neoflam Smart Life Smart Seal origin from Korea has been awarded with few top notch awards around the world & it’s well known for it Patented Smart Seal cover in European countries. With just a twist on the cover, the foods which stored inside the container will be keep fresh as it’s air tight.

Wait No More! Visit the nearest TF Value-Mart starting 15th November 2018 to feel the awesomeness of the world prestige air tight containers that are well known around the world.

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Sticker Issuance Period:
15th November 2018 – 20th February 2019

Redemption Period:
15th November 2018 – 6th March 2019