Loyalty Program 2024: CSS Tanna Bakeware

The history
Carl Schmidt Sohn, a brand established in 1829, traces its roots to Solingen, a town renowned for blade-making since its founding in 1374 and situated near the river Wupper, 30 km northeast of Cologne, Germany. Originally crafting swords, Solingen quickly became a hub for metalworking due to its iron ore resources and proximity to trade centers like Cologne. Despite disruptions such as Napoleon’s blockade, Carl Schmidt Sohn flourished, expanding from sabers to knives, cutlery, and other tools by the mid-19th century. With a focus on quality and innovation, the brand garnered international acclaim, exporting its products across Europe and beyond. Today, Carl Schmidt Sohn continues its legacy of crafting high-quality knives and cutlery, contributing to Solingen’s reputation as Germany’s knife center.

Main feature

BPA FREE Lid & Silicone

100% Borosilicate Glass

High Thermal Shock Resistance

Easy Cleaning

Start on 28th February 2024

Stamps issue date from 28th February 2024

Stocks redemption end till 7th June 2024

Redeem CSS Tanna bakeware with Infinite Points

800ml Square Container normal price RM 69

5 stamps + redeem with
3,780 Infinite Points

1040ml Rectangular Container normal price RM 89

5 stamps + redeem with
3,980 Infinite Points

1800ml Rectangular Loaf Container normal price RM 89

5 stamps + redeem with
3,980 Infinite Points

1600ml Oval Bakeware normal price RM 99

5 stamps + redeem with
5,580 Infinite Points

1750ml Square Deep Container normal price RM 129

5 stamps + redeem with
5,980 Infinite Points

1800ml Square Bakeware normal price RM 139

5 stamps + redeem with
7,980 Infinite Points

Rectangular bakeware

2200ml Rectangular Bakeware normal price RM 169

5 stamps + redeem with
9,180 Infinite Points

How to collect stamps:

Spend RM 30 to get one stamp.
Bonus stamp for the purchase of a partner product with Every RM 30

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